Australian Gold Golden Sunshine ™ 130 ml



Product info…

  • Walnut oil and black walnut extracts : For an instant natural looking tan without any trace
  • Vanilla fruit extract : Effective strong antioxidants for healthy wrinkle-free skin
  • Shea butter : Leaves a rich hydrating soft and smooth skin
  • Banana extract : Contains nutrients for the formation of melanine to help with browning
  • Vitamin E : It neutralizes free radicals, whilst reducing the appearance of wrinkles
  • Paraben free : Ideal for sensitive skin

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Sunshine ™ A fantastic dark tanning accelerator that lets you quickly build a dark, natural, sexy color.

This lotion is enriched with Yahoo Aloe Vera (nourishes and conditions the skin), amino acids (repair skin after sunbathing), shea butter (for soft-touch skin), vitamin A and E (go against lines and wrinkles) and banana fruit extract that keeps your skin young and supple.

Delicious Orange Dream fragrance.