Australian Gold Dark Sunshine™ 130ml


Product info…

  • Henna and caramel essences : For an instant natural looking tan without any trace
  • Tyrosine : Providing nutrients for the skin which are necessary for tanning
  • Test Blush : Contains cinnamon extracts to achieve a bright skin colour with long lasting effect
  • Vitamin E : It neutralizes free radicals, whilst reducing the appearance of wrinkles

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Sunshine ™The very best product in the Sunshine Collection!

The new “Magnifying Bronzer” will immediately provide the darkest tan you can imagine without streaks and/or spots.

In addition, Henna, Caramel, bronzing botanicals and cinnamon extracts make sure that your lovely tan stays extra long.

With a quality mix of Shea Butter, vitamin E, walnut oil and natural plant extracts for maximum skincare.

Delicious “orange dream” fragrance.